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4 Mori Family Village


Maskaras, News and Events in Muravera, Sardinia

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Every summer Muravera, early August offers, not only to tourists but to the entire local population, through a unique event "Maskaras". This carnival is a very different and less ridanciano that center of tragic masks, masks that gloomy moving with measured steps, to the sound of cowbells heavy and disturbing perform, in a parade that covers all the main street, in their ritual dances, evoking the rites connected with the life of the fields.
In the midst of the event we often forget to just be spectators, since the many masks involve, in their ancestral rites, the people who make you fascinated travolgere.I different groups come mainly from the North of Sardinia and are:
Mamuthones and Issohadores from Mamoiada that caracollano lenses to the rhythm of a dance intoxicating, sacred and melancholy, turned to drive away evil spirits from people and herds, gait among people who loves them enough to want to be one of them; masks gloomy silence produce a unique and intense clamor of bells in a rite of intoxicating mystery.

The Boes and Merdules Ottana proceed in a disorderly and tumultuous procession, a rope binds them inexorably, man and beast together from the yoke of life. Among the various figures the most feared and mysterious is "Sa Filonzana" representing the Greek Fate of death.
Equally fascinating parade Sos Thurpos ("blind", "lame"), originating Orotelli. They wear the velvet dress, the leather leggings and dark woolen coats of a time used by the shepherd in winter. Sowers with hidden face they stage the fight against the owners of the pastures, represented by the reversal of roles between farmer and ox.
In Sos Tamburinos Gavoi you can relive the party instead of waiting forever: dancing to the sound of de pipiolu (flute archaic barrel) in a ceaseless melody.
Masks cork unique and mysterious are On Bundu Orani that, in a lively procession enact the ritual of sowing with all the beliefs and superstitions of the environment farmer Barbagia.
One can not but feel inside the dance of Mamutzones and Urzu Samugheo that, with their bells, sounding inexorable rhythm of the passion and death to ingratiate himself with the nature that the crops are abundant.
S'Urthu Fonni whose ancient origins go back to the 800, instead mimics in his representations the procession, the burning, the process undergone by the character "of Ceomo" puppet that symbolizes the carnival sentenced to be hanged and burned at the stake , responsible for all the misdeeds committed by members of the community in the previous year.
S'Urtzu of Ula, a victim of the carnival, is ultimately a tragic mask half man and half animal, concrete representation and the ideal of the god Dionysus, the dreaded figure but at the same time has the power to remove the curses and drought, propitiating fertility.