In view of the forthcoming summer holidays, the 4 Mori Family Village wants to reassure and inform all its guests about the various procedures that will be applied within our structure. We are monitoring the evolving situation and following all the guidelines of the health authorities, making sure we are ready to face the current circumstances and with some precautions  you will certainly spend a pleasant stay.

We are taking all possible precautions in all areas of the Village, to ensure a safe holiday for all of you.

We are taking all the maximum precautions in all areas of the structure, common and otherwise, to ensure a safe holiday for all of you. Click here to view Annex A containing the regulations in force within the 4Mori Family Village.



Here you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Coronavirus and the procedures that will be applied.


1) Is a “health passport” or medical certification required to arrive in Sardinia?

No, to reach us  you can just fill out the form avilable on the Sardinia Region website or you can register you on the “SardegnaSicura” application available on IOS and Android appstores (application downloadable from the 13th of june 2020)
For more information:;jsessionid=D6F7404F38884A8D28D6BC281C22BF5C.sus1?lang=en


2) What sanitation protocols will be carried out?

All the common areas inside the 4 Mori Family Village will be constantly sanitized and hygienized by our qualified staff, in full compliance with current regulations. All spacing protocols will be followed, every tool at your disposal will be constantly disinfected and in all areas you will find dedicated information signs as well as sanitizing gels. All accommodations (Mobile Home, Apartments and Pitches) will be sanitized and hygienized before each arrival: we will provide a thorough disinfection of the toilet facilities as well as sanitize the dishes, furnishings, table linen, sheets and blankets.


3) How does the check-in take place?

Upon your arrival at 4 Mori you will be welcomed in a safe and sanitized environment by our staff equipped with safety devices, who will take care of the check-in procedures. The keys of all accommodation will be sanitized upon arrival and departure. In order not to create gatherings, we recommend entering one person per family or group.


4) Will it be possible to use the restaurant and bar inside the village?

Sure!Both the restaurant / pizzeria and the bar inside the structure will be available. The take-away service will be guaranteed and enhanced and all measures in accordance with the directives of the health authorities will be applied to ensure the right interpersonal safety distance.


5) Will it be possible to access the equipped beach and swimming pool?

Yes, we are doing our best to ensure safe access both to our equipped beach service and to the Aquagarden area. Providing assigned seats, a greater distance between the umbrellas and the daily sanitization of the various equipment. In compliance with health regulations, the use of a swimming cap is required. Children under 3 years of age must wear panties or a nappy before entering the water.                                                                                                                                                                     

You can also access the beach playing fields by respecting the rules indicated near the entrances.


 6) Will the animation be operative inside the village?                      

Fun and glee will not be missing at 4 Mori Family Village thanks to our entertainment staff. All activities will follow the protocols required by current legislation in order to guarantee moments of leisure. Parents, if present at the recreational activities dedicated to children and baby parking, will have to keep a distance of at least one meter between them, if it is not possible they will have to wear their own protective masks. All the activities planned weekly will be communicated by our staff and through noticeboards. Each tool available will be constantly sanitized and hygienized. For children from six years the use of their own protective masks is indicated.


7) Can recreational and sports activities be carried out in dedicated environments?

All common areas as well as play areas for children and the gym will always be accessible in compliance with the directives indicated by the health authorities, probably with quota on entrances in order to not create gatherings and always guaranteeing periodic sanitation of the equipment used. All around the village you will find sanitizing gels stations. Access to the gym must be reserved


8) Will the extra services always be available (cot, high chair, bike, etc.)?

The use of any extra services will follow the usual methods. All equipment will be sanitized by qualified personnel.


The 4 Mori Family Village provided training its staff on the guidelines and procedures to be adopted in carrying out their duties and on the handling of suspicious cases of Covid-19. It will be an obligation for employees to wear personal protective equipment, exception of those who can respect the safety distance or who are in separation with plexiglass instruments.


All the information reported may vary according to the provisions issued by the Government or the Region and we will keep you updated on any news.