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Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions with the related answers about 4 Mori Family Village .

What is the tourist tax?
The tourist tax is a fee that all guests will have to pay in addition to the cost of the stay. This tax will then be paid in full to the Municipality. The cost per day per person ( age from 13 to 71) is € 1 from June to September for a maximum of 14 nights.

Is it possible to have the transfer service to / from Cagliari airport?                                                                 Yes, the price is € 105,00 up to 3 persons and € 130,00 for 4 persons up to 8. The prices are for a one way trip.

Is there an animation program?
Yes, our international multilingual animation team will entertain you from 01/06 till 12/10.

How can I book an apartment/mobile home/camping pitch?
By clicking on the “check availability” button you can check availability, calculate the estimate and book with immediate payment of the deposit by credit card. If instead, you prefer to confirm your stay by bank transfer, you can contact us at the e-mail address booking@4mori.it or from the form “Contact us”, or “Request a quote” on our website www.4mori.it

Are there any quiet hours?
From 11:00pm till 7:00am  any noise that may disturb guests’ rest is prohibited. Car traffic is allowed only for check-in and check-out and only at certain times.

What is the difference between Residence, New Standard, Comfort, Standard, Piazza and mobilhome?
Residence apartments are part of a complex of recent construction and consisting of 70 masonry made apartments, with a veranda that overlooks a large central square, a few meters from the pool. From the Residence you can reach the beach at about 200m through an indipendent access, therefore you won’t need to pass through the camping area. Due to its characteristics, you will find a quieter and exclusive environment than with other accommodations. The newly renovated New Standard apartments are located between the Camping area, the Aquagarden and are just 100 meters from the beach. The apartments Comfort, also recently built are located in an area far from the camping area and are gathered around a small square,  at about 200 mt. from the beach. Piazza apartments are 14 and are located near the central square where you can find commercial services (bar / restaurant /boutique). Standard apartments are located behind the central square. Their distance from the beach varies from 100 to 150 mt. The mobile homes Deluxe and Elegant are in an area that borders the Aquagarden, the New Standard apartments and the camping area. The mobile homes Next are located in a central area next to the sports field, the swimming pool and the central square. The brand new Super Next mobile homes instead are in front of the main street of the 4 Mori Family Village, one step away from the shopping area. Their distance from the beach is about 150 mt.

Where are the shops and the restaurant?
The bar, the restaurant-pizzeria and the Boutique face the central square. The grocery is on the main street, just behind the bar.

How distant is the 4 Mori from the beach?
The 4 Mori borders the beach. It is not necessary to cross any external road . The maximum  distance between the apartments or mobile homes and the beach is just 350mt.

What are the charateristics of 4 Mori’s beach?
The beach is made of extra-thin clear grey sand, it is vast and slopes gently to the sea. Given the extension of the beach and the fact  that the 4 Mori is located in an isolated area, even in August it is possible to enjoy a calm and uncrowded beach.

Is it possible to have an internet connection?
Yes, there is a free wi-fi service on the central square as well as at the Aquagarden. If you need the connection directly in your accomodation you can request information on the possibility of connection for a fee.

Are pets admitted?
Yes, but only small sized ones, up to 8kg of weight.

Can my family and my friends visit me at the Camping Village?
Yes, if the capacity of the structure allows it  at the moment , they will have to register at the reception. If they stay longer than 1 hour they will have to pay a daily fee.

Is it possible to book a specific apartment, mobile home or camping pitch?
We will do everything possible to satisfy your request but we can not guarantee it 100%.

What does the linen set for apartments and mobile homes include?                                                                        The set includes 1 face towel, 1 bidet towel, 1 body towel, 2 single/double sized linens, pillowcase.

What is the standard equipment of the apartments/mobilehomes?
In every apartment/mobilehome you will find: dishes, flatware, pots, glasses, mugs, coffee maker (moka), plastic tablecloth, bucket, scrubbing brush, floor cloth, broom and dustpan. Cleaning rags and sponges are not included.

Are tv and air conditioning available? What is the price?
All our apartments and mobile homes have air conditioning and tv, their use is included in the accomodation price.

What are the arrival and the departure times for the apartments and the mobile homes?
Entering your apartment or mobile home is guaranteed by 5pm, however is it often available earlier, on the departure day you will have to leave the accomodation by 10am.

How can I pay the amount of the stay?
The payment can be made with cash, credit card and ATM.

Can I get a quote?
Clicking on “book online” you can check the availability and get a quote for all our typologies available in the chosen period. The system automatically calculates any discounts.

Can I cancel my booking?
Yes, if you cancel by 30 days before the date of the stay you are entitled to a refund of 50%  of the deposit paid, if cancelled later you will lose the the entire deposit.

• What happens if I arrive later than the scheduled arrival date or I leave before the scheduled     departure date?                                                                                                                                                                   Delays of more than 24 hours from the date of arrival, not communicated, involve the cancellation of the reservation. In case of early departure, the full amount must be paid.

How is safety guaranteed within  the 4 Mori Family Village?                                                                       Upon arrival our guests will be obliged to wear nice colored straps that will make the access easy, fast and without stress. For security reasons, the access to our Village is forbidden to all those who do not wear it.