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Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions with the related answers about 4 Mori Family Village.


1) Can I make the Barbecue?

Village – mobile home and terraced apartments:
Yes, there is a dedicated area.
For safety reasons it is not possible to make the barbecue in other areas except in that explicitly dedicated.
Yes, you can use the GAS barbecue inside your pitch.
It is not possible to use other types of barbecues, except in the dedicated area.


2) Can I book a half board or full board?
No, we do not offer the classic formulas at our facility. It is however possible to buy coupons for the restaurant, breakfast or for the traditional Sardinian dinner.
Here you will find information on this: https://www.4mori.it/en/meal-and-breakfast-packages/


3) Are parking facilities available?
Yes, we have two parking areas, one internal and one external to the structure. Both areas are free and unattended.


4) Can I access the inside of the structure with the vehicle?
Yes, limited to our traffic regulations. That is possible, as regards the stay in the village (apartment or mobile home) only on the day of arrival, only once between 4pm and 8pm and the day of departure, only once between 9am and 10am. For the stay in the camping pitch, however, access to the pitch with your vehicle is only possible on the day of arrival, only once between 12.00 and 13.30 or between 16.00 and 20.00 and the day of departure, only once between 9.00 and 12.00.
It is however possible to park your car in the internal car parks, where traffic is allowed between 8 am and 11 pm.


5) Is there animation?
Yes, our international multilingual animation staff will be present from mid-June to mid-September.
The Mini-club is available throughout the opening season (in the off-season limited offer).


6) How is safety guaranteed within the 4 Mori Family Village?
Upon arrival our guests will be required to wear nice colored straps that will make access easy, fast and without stress.
For security reasons, entry is forbidden to all those who do not wear it.


7) Is there a doctor in the facility?
Yes, a doctor’s surgery service is provided for 2 hours a day.
For any emergency the nearest emergency room is in Muravera, just 6 km from the campsite.


8) Are arrival and departure dates flexible?
Yes they are! However, the minimum number of nights required to book the stay must be respected.


9) How far is the 4 Mori Family Village from the beach?
The 4 Mori Family Village borders the beach. It is not necessary to cross any external roads. The maximum distance between our accommodations and the beach is 250 m.


10) What are the characteristics of the 4 Mori Family Village beach?
The beach is of fine sand of light gray color, it is very extensive and the sea slopes gently. Given its size and thanks to the fact that the structure is located in an isolated area, even in August it is possible to enjoy a quiet and absolutely not crowded beach.


11) Are pets allowed?
Yes, only small size and up to a maximum weight of 8 kg.
Access to the “AquaGarden” pool area is not permitted.
For more information see also point 6. of our internal regulations: https://www.4mori.it/en/rules/.


12) Where are the commercial services located?
The Bar and the Restaurant-Pizzeria overlook the large central square of our Family Village. The Market is located in the main street a few steps from the reception.


13) Is it possible to use an internet connection?
Yes, the free WiFi service is available at the “La Piazzetta” Bar and in the “AquaGarden” pool area.
If you need the connection directly in your accommodation you can request the paid wifi service available with the rental of a portable modem (subject to availability)


14) Is it possible to have a transfer service to / from Cagliari airport?
Yes. The service request can be sent directly to our booking office. Being a private service, the one-way cost (€ 105.00 up to 3 people or € 130.00 from 4 to 8 people) must be paid directly to the driver. Reservations are recommended at least 7 days before your arrival.


15) Are there any accessible accommodation?
Yes, there are accommodation available for people with mobility difficulties. In total we have 2 one-room apartments, 2 two-room apartments and 1 three-room mobile home called “Special”. The accommodation are easy to access and have a properly equipped bathroom. The “Special” mobile home can be booked directly through our online booking site. The availability of apartment accommodation, on the other hand, will have to be verified through “request information”. Most of the services of the structure can be easily reached also with aids for the disabled and the elderly and there is a J.O.B chair both in the pool and on the beach.


16) What is the difference between apartments and mobile homes?
The apartments are masonry, one-room or two-room apartments. Depending on the types, they are available on the ground or first floor. They have a bathroom with shower, sink, bidet and toilet. The mobile homes are independent accommodations, equipped with two or three bedrooms and at least one bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.  The “Special” mobile home has one bathroom, accessible to people with mobility difficulties.


17) Can family and friends come to see me?
In the central months of July and August the structure generally does not accept visitors / guests not declared at the time of booking. In any case, the possibility of receiving guests must always be approved by the reception staff. See also point 2. of our internal regulations: https://www.4mori.it/en/rules/ Guests who will stay overnight must always be within the maximum capacity of the booked accommodation. Entrance fees may vary depending on the price list.


18) Is it possible to receive a non-binding estimate?
By choosing dates, type and family composition on the home page and clicking on the “request information” button and then on the “CONTINUE” button, you can send a request for a quote directly to the booking office, which will forward you a quote by email.


19) How can I book an apartment, a mobile home or a pitch?
Going to the home page of our website (www.4mori.it), you can make a direct booking by filling in the appropriate fields listed and selecting the “book online” button. By clicking the “CONTINUE” button, the system gives you the opportunity to view all the available accommodations and their cost.


20) Can I book a specific apartment, mobile home or pitch?
No, any preferences, especially specific accommodation numbers and adjacency, can not be guaranteed in any way and are not contractual and in no way binding for the 4Mori Family Village.


21) What are the arrival and departure times for apartments and mobile homes?
The accommodation are guaranteed from 17:00. It is however possible to arrive in the structure in advance and take advantage of the various services offered. In case of arrival beyond the closing of the reception there is always a night watchman to welcome you. On the day of departure the accommodation must be vacated by 10:00 and the keys must be returned to the reception. You can request the possibility of being able to use the structure even after returning the keys.


22) What are the arrival and departure times for the camping pitches?
The pitches are guaranteed from 12:00. It is however possible to arrive in the structure in advance and take advantage of the various services offered. In case of arrival after 20:00 it will not be possible to access the pitch with your vehicle. On the day of departure the pitch must be vacated by 12:00 and you can request the possibility of being able to use the structure even after having freed the pitch. It is not possible to leave your vehicle from the camping area before 09:00. In case of need to leave before the indicated time, it will be necessary to vacate the pitch the previous evening within 8.00 pm and place yourself near the internal car parks or on the square in front of the main entrance.


23) What happens if I arrive late with respect to the scheduled arrival date or I leave before the scheduled departure date?
Delays of more than 24 hours from the date of arrival, not communicated, entail the cancellation of the reservation. In case of early departure, the guest will have to pay the full amount of the reservation previously made.


24) How can I pay the bill for the stay?
The balance payment can be made in advance (on request), at check-in or during the stay. Credit card payments are accepted (NO American Express / Diners), ATM cards, cash (up to € 1.999,99).


25) What is the tourist tax?
The tourist tax is a tax that all guests must pay in addition to the cost of the stay. This tax will then be paid entirely into the municipal treasury. To be paid on the spot from June 15th to September 15th under the current municipal regulations.


26) Is the pools water heated?Do I need to wear a swimming cap?
The pools do not have artificial heating but they are naturally heated by the sun. To enter in the swimming pools is necessary use a swimming cap.  Children under 3 years of age must wear pants or a diaper before entering the water.


27) What does the equipment of apartments and mobile homes include?

General equipment Accommodation

Glasses, milk and coffee cups, Moka coffee maker, milk jugs;
Plates (tops, bottoms, fruit, oval) Salad bowls (large and small);
Colander, Cutting board, bottle opener;
Cutlery (knives, forks, spoons, spoons, meat knife, bread knife);
Big Fork, Ladle, Slotted spoon;
Pan, Pan with lid, Cooking pan

Basin, Bucket, Rag Floor, Broom and Shovel, Scrubber

Toilet brush,
Hangers, Drying rack Table,
Chairs and Deckchairs, Tablecloth
Bed linen with weekly change (sheets and any blankets)
Towels with weekly change (1 Face, 1 Bidet, 1 Shower per person)
Microwave and Fridge

Items not included in the accommodation equipment:
Beach towels, dish towels and pot holders, toilet paper (the first roll is provided),
Garbage bags (1 dry bag and 1 wet bag are provided)
all that is not indicated in the general equipment Accommodation.


28) What does the linen set for apartments and mobile homes include?
The set, with weekly change, is composed of 1 face cloth, 1 bidet towel, 1 bath towel, 2 single bed sheets + 1 pillowcase or 2 double bed sheets + 2 pillowcases.
If provided, the free change is already present in the accommodation and can be done independently during the stay.


29) Are TV and air conditioning available? If yes, at what cost?
All our apartments and mobile homes are equipped with TV (free channels only) and air conditioning. Their use is included in the price of the stay.